Giải một số bài tập hệ bất phương trình bậc 2 bằng cách đưa về hệ phương trình

Trong chương trình toán phổ thông (ở lớp 10) học sinh được làm quen với hệ phương trình bậc hai hai ẩn. Nếu ta chịu khó phân loại thì sẽ có các loại sau:

1) Hệ gồm một phương bậc nhất và một phương trình bậc hai.

2) Hệ đối xứng (Đối xứng loại I, loại II).

3) Hệ đẳng cấp.

      Học sinh ít nhiều cũng định hình được cách giải các loại hệ nói trên. Trong các loại hệ nói trên ta thay dấu phương trình (dấu đẳng  thức) bởi dấu bất phương trình (dấu bất đẳng thức), thì việc giải các hệ bất phương tương ứng sẽ gặp không ít khó khăn, đó thường là các bài toán trong các kỳ thi học sinh giỏi. Hơn thế nữa nhiều khi ta còn bắt gặp trong các hệ phương trình, hệ bất phương trình có chứa thêm tham số, bài toán yêu cầu tìm điều kiện của tham số để hệ có nghiệm hoặc hệ có nghiệm duy nhất thì vấn đề lại khó hơn nhiều.   

Tập tin đính kèm: 


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1859 season, there are at least six established base ball club to play regularly in Chicago. By the end of 1860, there were at least 14 in the area. There was also an established team downstate in Springfield. Base Ball offered a nakakalibang outlets for young men in an urban environment that lacked athletic opportunities. It was promoted in the context of a rising interest in physical education and the importance of physical activity in the development of a masculine character and identity. when the Columbia Base Ball Club was formed in May 1859, it announced that it would "serve to increase the stock of muscles having quiet, respectable citizens. "In June of that period when scheduled the Excelsior and Atlantic

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Base Ball Club a game, the newspaper reported that the same club ". practice vigorously" paper also said it was "pleased to notice the growing interest in this truly American game; believing if widely practiced, it will do more towards the physical improvement of young men in our cities. " The report describes how the game functioned as a social tool for the development of respectable citizens, connecting base ball citizenship. The language of early reporting sports revealed a constantly growing enthusiasm for the game. Already being touted Chicago as "very Americans, "base ball is emerging as a Pastime country. This early connection is evidenced also by the name of the new Chicago club in 1860 such as Union, Wide Awake,

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and Young America. Team name as it is also prevalent in New York, as the name Eagle, National, and Liberty Antebellum Americans are drawing a direct relationship between the base ball and American symbols and ideals;. And base ball field, such as Excelsior Club grounds in Chicago, becomes the site for the public expression of the soul of the community and American nationalism. No events in antebellum America offered more proof of identity than an American political campaign. Given that base ball becomes a part of identity of the community, not surprisingly, the Excelsior Base Ball Club would combine two passions: politics and Base Ball During. the club made ??plans for major political ball game, Chicago is a growing Metropolis with over

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112,000 residents. It is a city bursting with physical development, economic development, and political vitality. The choice of the Chicago Republican Party for its national convention years to put the city on the political map and infused it with energy. On May 15, the eve of the convention, 25,000 party supporters crowded the downtown area of Chicago. Fireworks, cannon fire, and wine Festive contribute to the environment as the city celebrated the arrival time of the campaign. A month later, on June 18 in Baltimore, Stephen A. Douglas won the nomination of his divided Democratic Party, and Chicagoans should appreciate the

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unlikely scenario of two men battling Illinois for the highest office in the country. It is in the context of the lively atmosphere during the campaign that Lincoln and Douglas base ball players meet on July 24 for the The field itself functioned as Excelsior players that summer afternoon, the game is an extension of their identity as Democrats and Republicans. a common ground where they exhibited their American identity while confronting their political differences in the spirit of athletic competition. Fortunately for Abraham Lincoln, the loss suffered by the young base ball players who supported his candidacy does not foreshadow the presidential election in November. But base ball, certainly, came on the national stage. Shortly after the election Lincoln, Currier and Ives published a political cartoon titled "The National Game. Three 'out' and A 'Run, Abraham Winning the Ball. '"The Cartoon depicted a successful Lincoln and his defeated opponent, John Bell, Stephen Douglas, and John Breckinridge. The cartoon captures terminology base ball season, most

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of it remains with us to this day. All four men were wearing cartoon belts and holding bats to reveal their identities and political positions campaign: "Union Club" and "Fusion" for Bell; "Little Giant" and " Non-intervention "for Douglas, and" Disunion Club "and" slavery extension. "For Lincoln Breckinridge belt reads" Wide Awake Club, "and His bat, fashioned as a rail, reads "Equal Rights and Free Territory." It was the first political cartoon to use the basic imagery ball. The use of sport in popular printed summarize the results of a presidential election is strong evidence base ball was established in culture by the 1860 American artist recognized as the national sport status game and drew a direct connection between the two

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favorite sports in the country. Both politics and base ball illustrated the competitive spirit of time and offered the players and spectators an outlet for creative expression of their individual development and American identity. By extension, base ball field provided locally which identity was reinforced and expanded. So perhaps it is possible that the familiar connection we now make between baseball and American identity really is rooted in the exuberant political environment of the late 1850s and not directly out from Lincoln Illinois. A massage therapist wrote to say that he gets commission but no base salary, and are asked to perform tasks such as cleaning the hair out Lockers! Most beautiful spa add an hourly rate in addition to a commission

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An Idaho man who

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admitted trying to assassinate President Barack Obama by shooting at the White House received a 25-year prison sentence on Monday.

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Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, 23,

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appeared in federal court after pleading guilty in September to terrorism

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and weapons charges. He had been originally indicted on 17 criminal counts.Prosecutors had charged Ortega-Hernandez with

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firing a Romanian-made assault rifle out of the window of his car the evening of November 11,

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2011.After sending a number of rounds toward the White House,

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he sped away toward a bridge leading to the Virginia suburbs, but crashed his vehicle and fled on foot, officials said.

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The government said Ortega-Hernandez's fingerprints were found on ammunition magazines

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left in a 1998 Honda, but not on the weapon itself,

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which also was left in the car.Neither the President nor his family

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were at home at the time of the incident."

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This man drove cross-country to launch an assault rifle attack on the White House from Constitution Avenue,"

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said U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen, whose office prosecuted the case. "He was motivated by hatred for

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the President and the desire to start a revolution against the federal government."

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We are very fortunate that his bullets narrowly missed the U.S. Secret Service officers guarding the White House that night.

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This 25-year prison sentence demonstrates that anyone who comes to the nation's capital planning to use violence should expect to spend decades behind bars."Ortega-Hernandez was captured at a Pennsylvania motel five days after the incident.

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In court documents,prosecutors argued Ortega-Hernandez was dangerous and planned out his alleged crime over a period of months.

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According to the FBI, Ortega-Hernandez's friends reported that he made anti-government statements beginning in 2010.Officials said he

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believed the federal government was trying to control

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Americans through GPS, fluoride and aspartame.

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He was also angry at what he believed was U.S.

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bullying of other countries, including in

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the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and claimed that the President

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was the "anti-Christ"

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and told friends he was "on a mission from God to take out Obama."

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